June Child: Marc Bolan’s Wife & Muse

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The Complete Story

June Child was Syd Barrett’s minder and was also the lover, manager and wife to Marc Bolan of Pink Floyd.

We have all heard of brave women who tried their best to subdue rock’n’roll and punk. Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious. Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne. What about June Child?

Although her marriage to the legend Godfather of Glam Rock was short-lived she stood by Bolan for most of his time in the British music scene. Unfortunately, Marc Bolan and June Child would both die tragically, just like many others who have played a role in the history of rock ‘n roll.

Who was June Child?

June Child was born in London on August 23, 1943. She had a quiet and normal childhood. She worked in London for Blackhill Enterprises after graduating. She lived in a flat with Peter Jenner (manager of Pink Floyd’s small band) while she worked there.

Peter and the others in the band would call June to do various tasks for them. These included booking gigs or getting food at the local grocery when they didn’t have any money. June Child was tired of the hassle.

They were told that she would stop doing their little favors, or they would have to pay her. They accepted and made her the band’s secretary and receptionist.

June met Syd Barrett, the Pink Floyd lead singer, while she was working as a secretary. He took many acid trips and she stood beside him. She was there for him when he was unable to perform on stage and was unsure of his surroundings.

June Child recalls that Syd was “very special in an extraordinary manner, he wrote amazing songs, and the lyrics were unbelievable.” He was the original creator of the group back then.

He was suffering from mental problems or supplemental index myths, so she stayed with him until he asked her to leave in 1968. Marc Bolan, the lead singer of T. Rex, was already her friend.

Marc Bolan’s Wife June Child

He soon made June his everything, even though she was only four years older than Bolan. He took her to his parents’ house for tea shortly after they met. He told her that he loved her at their first meeting. He returned the compliment and they began a passionate, but tumultuous love affair.

Marc recalls that moment. “We had only known each other for a few minutes when I asked her to come home for tea at my Wimbledon prefab. The sun was shining brightly and it was hot. We enjoyed our tea while we sat on the lawn. After we had held our hands, there was silence for a time. Then, I said, “June, I think you love me.” She then replied, quietly, “I feel the exact same about Marc.” ‘”

After spending a few nights in June Child’s van, the couple moved into a small flat in Notting hillsdale real estate together. She was his manager, taking care of his media relations and bookings. She drove him to all his appointments.

Marc’s lyrics and songs were always criticized by June, who would sometimes type them for Marc. Later, she recalled that it was a wonderful time and we were very happy.

Bolan was dyslexic, but he was fascinated by the “Lord of the Rings trilogy”. June read the books aloud to him so that he could enjoy the stories. They shared everything together. They were connected at the hip, until they weren’t.

Marc Bolan was terrified of driving. June tried to teach him one time. The singer was terrified and got out of her Mini to tell him. He vowed never again to drive. He kept his word.

June Child and Marc Bolan were married on January 30, 1970 at Kensington Registry. However, the marriage did not last long. They separated in October 1973 but didn’t really go through with an actual divorce.

Marc and June had many affairs during their marriage. Marc was most famous for his affair with Marsha Hunt, a talented singer. Although June was open to Marc’s transgressions, it started to affect their marriage.

The couple decided to end their marriage in October 1973 when June was living apart from the marriage. She left. They had just enjoyed a weekend together with Ringo Starr. The couple would spend their last weekend together.

Marc Bolan, June Child’s 1977 friend, said to June Child: “If you hadn’t left, none of these would have happened.” June added, “He was my best buddy, always, always my friend.”

June said that Ringo attempted to speak to Marc during this weekend about Marc’s cocaine addiction. He told him that his drug addiction would end his career and put an end to his professional life. Marc didn’t take his warnings seriously.

Although they would soon separate, June Child would continue to be close to Ringo throughout her life. Eric Clapton, their mutual friend, and other members of the British music scene (including David Bowie) can also be attributed to the couple. Unfortunately, June and Marc split after their separation.

Marc Bolan Death

Marc was returning from Berkeley Square club with Gloria Jones on September 16, 1977. She crashed her Mini-GT into the fence and tree on the way back.

Marc was unfortunately killed at impact. Jones sustained only a shoulder injury. A man who was so afraid of driving that he would die, would end up being killed by someone else’s driving. Bolan and Jones had Rolan Bolan, a two-year-old boy.

David Bowie would later help Marc’s son years later when there wasn’t anyone else in the music business kinds of business loans.

June Child remained in a relationship with Paul Varley, the drummer of The Arrows after Marc Bolan’s passing. Ilona Porter, a daughter that the two of them had together on July 11, 1978 was born.

After this failed relationship, she fell in love with Graham Porter. On September 1, 1994, she was still in his arms when she died from a fatal heart attack.

June Child was just 51 years old at the time of her death. Through her entire life, she had been involved in a number of musicians. Many of these men would also end up in tragic circumstances.

Bolan, however, was the most consistent of all the others. Bolan’s relationship with her is what made Bolan a fixture in glam rock. Bolan was not his only wife.

June Child was his mentor and spiritual inspiration, as well as his manager. He wouldn’t have created the same amazing music without her guidance.

He was her best friend for as long as she could. June Child stated that he would always be her best friend, even in the years prior to her death.