Golden Child Members: Wearing Teaser Suits

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Golden Child Members will be releasing another hit album in just two months. The group released a vintage poster announcing their upcoming repackaged album DDARA on September 23rd at midnight KST (2:30 PM IST).

The boys released the first set teaser images of the album after the announcement on September 24, KST. They took the internet by storm thanks to their chivalrous charms, and the elite concept.


Lee Dae Yeol, the leader, was first to take the camera. He wore a grey and white suit and posed with seriousness for the camera. TAG poses with a book in one hand while leaning against a table. Fans couldn’t stop staring at him as he wore a stunning outfit. Bae Seung Min was not shy in showing his model side. Everything about this picture is perfect, from the wine glass in his hand to the authoritative posture.

Kim Dong Hyun donned a similar outfit to Lee Dae Yeol, while taking a serious pose in front of a large bookshelf. This was to honor the royal concept. Lee Jang Joon looked perfect in formal wear. Hong Joo Chan was captivating with his flawless charms in the photoshoot.

Kim Jibeom seemed to be deeply contemplative while sipping wine and contemplating next move at the casino. Who is Prince Charming? We only know Y! Choi Bomin was determined not to let up! While his hair was slightly falling down on his face, the artist looked elegant and handsome. Bong Jaehyun matched the concept so well, it seemed like it was made for him!

Stream-Worthy Shows And Movies Starring Golden Child Members

Golden child bearing hips, a 10-member boy group from Japan, debuted in 2017 and was often called the “little brothers of Infinite.” The group has made a name for itself over the years by producing hits and acting with Choi Bomin, a sub-vocalist/dancer. These picks will help you discover why Goldenness is so in love with them.

1. Golden Movie (2018)

This short film shows how Golden Child Members improve their acting skills as students who deal with campus life’s highs and lows. Bomin, a character who is obsessed with superpowers, is the focus of the story. The members will be loved by their interaction with one another as they embark on a journey to self-discovery. This journey is set up on a special day marked out by a total solar eclipse.

2. Melting Me Softly (2019).

Sci-fi romance Melting Me Softly is about Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook), who dreams of creating the show of her life by freezing his variety subjects for 24 hours. Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah), a stuntwoman and all-rounder, signs up to his Frozen human growth hormones Project with him. The experiment goes horribly wrong and they end up in cryosleep over 20 years. They wake up to find that their world is very different than the one they knew. Bomin plays Hwang Ji Hoon, an undergraduate who falls in love with Mi Ran.

3. Crash! Insignificant Roommates (2019)

The story: This youth drama is about 10 friends who have lived together since high school. The show discusses issues such as adjusting to university life and adulthood. This show will give you a glimpse of what housemates could look like.

4. 18 Again (2020).

Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul), and Hong Dae Young, (Yoong Sang Hyun), have been get married for 18 year. Da Jung gives up and Dae Young finds his life a total mess. He contemplates his situation and makes the wish to travel back in time. He miraculously transforms back into his 18-year old body. His second chance at life gives him the opportunity to meet his children and make amends for his marriage and family. Bomin’s character Seo Ji Ho will make you fall in love with his daughter Dae Young!

5. Idol Workshop members who are golden children (2020)

Follow the Golden Child members as they face a series of challenges designed to test their physical and mental abilities. This show is well worth the investment if you are interested in learning more about the group and the individual charms of each member.