Infuriating “Annoying Child Actress” Performances

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Written By NewtonPatterson

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First, my apologies for not having any new blogs. I didn’t feel like playing Bullet Witch’ because of technical difficulties that prevented me from reviewing ‘Southland Tales. There are still some annoying child actress things in the works. I will play ‘Bullet Witch again, I have done an hour of Dead Island’, and I will do a An Hour of:’ of it. I also plan to review ‘Invader Zim, as well as do a Top 10 Invader Zim episode’ and write a blog called ‘Why Hippies will be the End of Us. There is a lot I can do.

Let’s move on. Moving on. Yes, that’s right. I don’t like remakes as much as I do other things. You might be wondering what it is. Let me tell you. Actors for children.

Yes, they are child actors. Their main problem is that they are young and have very little acting talent, experience, or talent. While it’s possible for them to be good actors, Dakota Fanning is one example. There are also some child actors who just seem annoying marketing , perhaps because they’re too corny, such as Macaulay Culkin. There are others that you might find irritating, but you don’t. For example, Short Round in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, who has an accent you would think was annoying.

Here are my top ten child actor performances. These are the acts that make you want to punch the child in the face. Because they were in the same movie, some have been group together. You may feel that some have been overlooked. This is because I haven’t watched the movie or didn’t find them annoying. Let’s not forget to mention the truly irritating public performances.

Joseph Mazzello, Ariana Richards in “Jurassic Park (1993),”

The children, otherwise known as Tim or Lex, follow Dr Grant (played by Sam Neill) around for the majority of the movie. For 90% of her screen time, she screams at top volume and he bores her with his facts.

That’s basically what they do. Lex is a useful person who saves her own life when the island needed to be brought back online. They needed a hacker, and Lex is one (PLOT CONVENIENCE!) What is Tim most remembered for? Being blown over the electric fence. That’s it. They do nothing else but serve as a plot device to save Dr Grant and allow him to discover the true meaning christmas market guide. Wait, no, they allow him to learn that…kids…are…likeable? That’s important when you’re trying to eat dinosaurs.

They do a great job and that is how most children will respond to such situations. They expect an adult to save them. They expect the adult will know everything. But they are just children and don’t know what jack is! They are probably the reason I didn’t find them annoying initially, but their acting is what makes them one the most irritating characters.

Dakota Fanning, ‘War of the Worlds’ (2005)

Let me begin by saying that Dakota Fanning is an annoying child actor. She has starred with Denzel Washington in “Man on Fire” and Robert DeNiro’s film “Hide and Seek ‘… the less I say about it, the better. You can also say that she was probably a little cocky for her talent with such a high level of fame.

Enter “War of the Worlds,” where she will play the role of Rachel Cruise’s daughter. She’ll be one of three things: 1. Despite his best efforts to get along with him, she will disrespect her father. 2. Saying something irritating. 3. You should scream all the time

Nearly every line of her dialogue is annoying. She either makes her father look bad, or her step-dad looks great. Or she points out things Cruise wouldn’t know but makes it sound like he should. He might have known about his allergy but he didn’t know that you and the rest of your family knew. He doesn’t know half of the things she complains about.

Jaden Smith, “The Day the Earth Stood annoying child actress Still (2008)”

It doesn’t mean that you are the son of Will Smith, the fresh prince, but it does not make you any less awesome. It should. But it doesn’t. Best example? “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is my favorite example.

He was such a annoying child actress! He plays Jacob Benson (the stepson of Helen Benson), played by Jennifer Connelly. We can see that he does not respect his stepmother. The stepson thinks she is taking her father’s money away. He’s dead. Jacob may be thinking she…hates him.

Jonathon Lipnicki, ‘Stuart Little (1999),’ AND ‘The Little Vampire (2000)

Oh my god, this kid gets on my nerves. His acting is what really matters. He plays the exact same character in every film. Maybe not now. I don’t see him as the sweet spectacle child now that he is 21 years old.

It all comes down to his acting, which can be sloppy and annoying, but also very childish. His lines were not filled with emotion. He stares blankly in most scenes and is very irritable. Although I hated his childhood acting career, I think I should give him another chance now that I’m older.

Heather Ripley, Adrian Hall Chitty Bang (1968)

These two were disgusting to me as a annoying child actress. They were annoying, just like numbers 10 and 9.

It’s not that the film was bad, but I loved it. It’s still amazing today. It’s all those kids! It’s probably because they were extremely, very corny. They weren’t very good at acting, and they were insistent on every detail. “Dad!” This is it! It’s the equivalent to “Are you there yet?” Are we there yet?” Are we there yet?” Or “My Tallest?” “My Tallest!” They won’t stop talking!

They are not good singers for a film that focuses on singing. Although they can sing, you can see their ineptness, especially when they sing with Dick Van Dyke.

You couldn’t make a list of the most annoying child actress and not include Jake Lloyd. It’s an exceptional one, as he was in two of my favorite films. The obvious is the part he plays as Anakin Skywalker, a young Darth Vader. He wasn’t that irritating, ?…I don’t know if you were as well. I must admit that I didn’t mind him until this scene.

Yeah. That’s when I began to hate him. He is almost emotionless in every scene, he delivers his lines without much effort and makes every scene seem corny. It’s hard to say who is more irritating. Jake Lloyd? Jar Jar Binks