War Hammer Titan

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Abilities War Hammer Titan

Structural hardening A variety of weapons made from scratch War Hammer Titan could create and manipulate structures made from hardened Titan flesh. These structures can be used to weaponize–for instance, they could form pikes large enough for a 15m Titan to be impaled and lifted, flood areas with protrusions like spikes, or manifest the Titan’s war hammer. You could create both serrated and bladed weapons such as a sickle or battle axe, or a broadsword. Even more remarkable was the War Hammer Titan’s ability to manifest flexible weaponry components such as the string from a crossbow or whips of a cat -o’-nine tails. This makes it a unique form of hardening. This hardening, similar to the Female Titan’s, could be used to encase a human operator of War Hammer within a crystal casing. This allows them to control the Titan’s body. This crystal casing is durable but could be broken or crushed by a stronger structure. The Jaw Titan’s claws, teeth and teeth are the only ones that were capable of this feat.

Theo Magath stated that, while the War Hammer is certainly an asset, they should be used in moderation. Constant use in a short time period could quickly exhaust the user’s stamina.

Remote Operation

Cable that connects War Hammer Titan to its operator The War Hammer could remove its control center from its nape, contrary to other members of the Nine Titans. The War Hammer could remove its control center from the nape, contrary to other members of the Nine Titans.

Histories War Hammer Titan

Like all Nine Titans, the War Hammer was introduced to the world following the death of Ymir Friedrich. The War Hammer was in the hands of one or more warring Eldian houses that were subservients to the Founding Titus for the 1,700 years after her death. The Tybur family had the War Hammer after these seventeen centuries. King Karl Fritz left Eldia’s conflicts and moved to Paradis Island. The uprising Marley peoples took part in the Great Titan War. At that point, the Tybur family was the first Eldians who came to their aid during the early days.

The War Hammer remained in Tybur’s possession after the Great Titan War. They swore that they would defend Marley as honorary Marleyan Aristocrats. The War Hammer Titan was not used in combat during the following century, despite the vow. [19] The identity of War Hammer within Tybur’s Tybur family was kept secret for security reasons from everyone except a few highly-regarded individuals in Marley. Lara Tybur eventually inherited the War Hammer’s power.


Marley arc Zeke Yeager has some concerns about the fate of the Eldian race after the Marley Mid-East War. This is due to the planet’s growing technological advantage over the Titans, and by extension over Marley. Zeke convinces the Tybur clan to back the next attack on Paradis Island using the War Hammer in order to raise the Eldians’ reputation.

Shortly thereafter, the Tybur family arrives on Liberio and Willy Tybur talks to Commander Theo Magath about the state of the nation. Magath is unsure if Magath can identify which Tybur has the War Hammer. Magath later points out that Willy talks about the history of his nation and family as if it were something he had seen firsthand. Willy acknowledges that he has seen history firsthand because of the memories the War Hammer Titan has passed on to its inheritors within Tybur’s family over the past century.