Pieck: Finger

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Written By NewtonPatterson

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Appearance Pieck

  • Form of the human body

Pieck is a young, short woman with long, straight, black hair that reaches her shoulders. She has a Greek nose, and dark brown eyes. A white blouse, long trench coat and skirt that goes to her ankles are all she wears. She also has black lace-up boots. As required by Marley, she also has the Eldian armband worn on her left arm. Pieck has been walking with crutches since the Marley Mid-East War. She lost some control of her ability to stand upright after two months of being in her Cart Titan form. Pieck stole a Survey Corps uniform to disguise herself during her infiltration on Paradis Island.

  • Cart Titan form

Pieck, in her Titan form is 4m tall and on all fours[3]. She walks on all fours in a quadripetal fashion on each of her limbs. Her torso is flat and long, which allows materials to be carried on her back. Her face is long and has full lips. She also has a small forehead and large mouth. It is a short, dark-haired, with no distinguishable female features. The long face of the Cart Titan allows for custom armor, jaws and war mechanisms to be made and strapped to it. This is the standard wear when the Cart Titan is in action.

Personality Pieck

Pieck has been shown to be sweet and kind and she shows a genuine concern for her fellow Warriors as well as the Warrior candidates. Pieck is extremely intelligent and can quickly figure out a situation. Pieck is a brilliant thinker and can quickly deduce a situation when the Warriors were discussing using the Tybur family as an aid to their operations. Zeke Yeager suggests this often happens. However, Pieck is known for being very eccentric and easy-going. Pieck gave Colt Grice water on the train ride to Liberio. This led to him becoming drunk and leading the Eldian soldiers to chant Gabi Braun’s name. Pieck, who is always in Titan form, has developed the habit of walking on her hind legs when no one is around. She even claims that it feels better and can curl up on a couch like a cat.

Since her childhood, she has shown loyalty to Marley, fighting for the country’s interests, but really wants her people free from the daily persecution. Because she recognizes that the world wants the Eldian race gone, and because they are no longer of any use due to technological advances, she is very concerned about their future. [16] She also became a Warrior to help her father, who is ill. She also criticized her superiors’ strategies.


Pieck sat beside her father who was ill. Pieck was born in Liberio Internment Zone. She lost her mother in early childhood. Pieck joined the Warrior Program as soon as she became eligible. Pie ck performed well enough to be chosen to inherit one Marleyan Titan. This allowed her to get the care she needed. Pie ck was able to see the sadness in her father’s eyes when he learned that Eldia would not live another thirteen years because of the Curse of Ymir. She wanted to show her father Eldia had bright futures and decided to do everything she could to get rid of the Eldians in Liberio, Marley, and Marley before her thirteenth year.

Pieck was given the power of the Cart Titan by Zeke Yeager. She was kept in Marley with Zeke Yeager to deter enemy nations. The other Warriors, Bertolt Hover, Annie Leonhart and Marcel Galliard, are sent to the Paradis Island Operation in 845.