What is a Sweater Dress?

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A sweater dress is a garment made from warm knitted materials. It’s similar to a sweater, but it can be worn without the need for pants. The most common fabrics for sweater dresses are cotton, wool and cashmere. Synthetic fibers such as nylon and acrylic can also be used. You can also find sweater dresses in different lengths and styles. There are mini, midi and maxi hemlines, as well as bodycon and loose-fitting options.

Three Tips for Style: How to Style a Sweater dress

Sweater dresses can be worn for many occasions. These styling tips will help you create stylish outfits using your favorite sweater dress.

  1. Add some statement jewelry to your look. A long necklace or chunky bracelet can be a great way to dress up a sweater dress. You can make a statement by wearing a bold necklace in silver or gold, or mix metal jewelry.
  2. Belts can be used to cinch your waist. To highlight your silhouette, wrap a belt around the waist when wearing an oversized sweater dress.
  3. You can play with texture and color. Add a bright scarf, brightly-colored suede boots, or loafers to bring out the color in your outfit. Layer pieces of different textures to create dimension. To complement a cable-knit sweater dress, wrap a faux fur scarf or sequined scarf around your shoulders.

5 Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas

These ideas will help you create outfits using different styles of sweater dresses:

  1. A blazer is a great addition to your wardrobe. A blazer can be worn over a midi sweater dress to create a casual business look. A solid-colored sweater dress such as a grey or beige sweater dress can be paired with a plaid jacket. The outfit can then be completed with high heels or ankle boots. On colder days, you can opt for a turtleneck or mock neck sweater dress.
  2. Layer long pieces. Layering pieces is a good idea. For example, a cardigan or trench coat can be worn with a sweater dress. To create a casual and comfortable outfit, pair a long cardigan and a sweater dress with white sneakers or ankle boots.
  3. A minidress can be paired with knee-high boots. Mini sweater dresses are cut to the mid-thigh and expose most of the legs. Wear your minidress with a pair or tights and black leggings, whether you are wearing them in the winter or at night. Black suede and faux-leather boots are a good choice for pairing with knitted fabrics.
  4. Add a leather jacket. A classic black leather jacket and a black sweater dress create a striking monochromatic combination. A leather moto jacket can be worn over a turtleneck or bodycon sweater dress to create a sophisticated look for date nights.
  5. Wear a denim jacket. For a casual fall look, pair a maxi sweater with a denim jacket. This outfit can be completed with casual ankle boots such as Chelsea or combat boots.