Tips for Keeping Eyelashes Long and Strong

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Why Do We Need Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are essential to our everyday lives for many reasons. Not only can they boost beauty and express individuality, they provide essential protection to delicate eyes. Eyelids moisten and shield eyes from harm while eyelashes function as shields by keeping out tiny particles like debris as well as shielding against environmental factors like rain and wind. When open they function as filters protecting us from dust particles while when closed they protect against foreign irritants entering.

Blinking is a key action that keeps eyes moist and protected from danger, yet often difficult to implement into daily routine. Our brains send an automatic and reflexive signal to close our vippeextensions lamp eyelashes as soon as an imminent threat presents itself; while not 100% effective against an irritating lash from coming loose into our eyes at times, these little clumps of hairs act as protectors of them all the same. You don’t have to go all-out in order to achieve feathery eyelashes you desire; most tricks simply require small adjustments within daily routine.

Check out our top tips below!

Remove Eye Makeup

To preserve both your lashes and skin, it is essential that you regularly remove your eye makeup. In order to allow our mascaras to breathe and be free of dirt and bacteria. A gentle yet powerful cleanser such as our Blood Orange Cleansing balm may help take off even stubborn makeup particles and dirt particles that we might come into contact with during the day.

Clean with Care

To rid yourself of smudgy eyes, it may help to carefully but rigorously clean your face. Try to avoid harsh scrubbing or moving back and forth as this could cause tears and breakage as well as harm collagen and elastin found within the eye itself. Gentle sweeps instead can reduce risk for irritation to wrinkles, fine lines and eyelash damage as well as potential tears or breakages from harsh rubbing or harsh scrubbing techniques.

Take Falsie Breaks

At times the weight of life can feel crushing; imagine what that’s like on natural hairs of your lashes! While false lash weight may seem inconsequential, wearing false eyelashes (whether sew-in strips or glue-on) for too long could do irreparable damage and impair healthy growth of natural lashes in the eyes. Take breaks between application for your own sake so your natural lashes can grow freely again!

Curl Your Lashes

Whether your eyelashes are long and straight or you just want more flirty eyes, an eyelash curler can make a dramatic difference. Curling eyelashes creates the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes by showing more whites underneath, which also reduces damage caused by false mascaras or glues. Using natural mascara may also help protect lashes against damage incurred from using artificial mascaras and glues.

Avoid Synthetic Lash Serums

Most available lash serums contain irritating ingredients which could potentially irritate both lashes and skin over time, potentially leading to eyes staining, skin discoloration or even permanent vision deficiency.

Skip Damaging Lash Extensions

No one would deny us of our desire for beautiful and full lashes lining our eyes, yet extensions come at a high cost risk. In addition to requiring lengthy and uncomfortable procedures, extensions may cause irritations in the eye that range from constant redness or swelling through swelling to dry eyes as well as inhibited natural lash growth due to glue buildup.

Avoid Eyelash Perms/ Lash Lifts

Perming of the eyelashes (also referred to as “lash perming”) is similar to straight perms from the 1980s but can have more detrimental results. Reactions may occur to perming solutions and adhesives used during perming procedures and could affect eye area as a whole; also perming can damage hair structure itself making lashes dry and more vulnerable to breakage than ever.

Skip Lash Tints

Tinting Lashes Tinting eyelashes provides definition and makes mascara work better, providing people with non-pigmented or blonde hair an easier option when applying mascara as an alternative. But the tinting process may damage eyelashes, leading to dryness. In addition, swelling, irritation, and burning eyes from chemicals could be experienced as a side effect of tinting procedures.

Follow the Natural Growth Pattern

Always clean your eyes in an anticlockwise direction to the natural growing patterns of eyelashes; otherwise you risk damaging and falling out your lashes, which is similar to rubbing them too hard. Instead, gently wipe downward motion (with eyes closed) while wiping off makeup to protect the delicate eyelash structures and keep them in good health.

Use Natural Mascaras

Many commercial mascaras contain ingredients that cause eyelashes to become dry or break off easily, but this ultra Lengthening Mascara contains natural fruit dyes and antioxidants for added support of healthy hair growth and eyelash extensions.