Tennis Skirt Outfits: 6 Ways to Style Tennis Skirts

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What is a tennis skirt?

Tennis skirts are athletic skirts made from lightweight, breathable materials that maximize tennis players’ comfort and flexibility on the court. Tennis skirts are generally short, usually between 12 and 14 inches in length. They also have pleats that support mobility. Tennis skorts are tennis skirts that have built-in shorts to provide coverage and function. Pleated tennis skirts, in addition to being practical and fashionable on the court, are also popular. Tennis skirts can be worn with different outfits to create a retro, sporty or preppy look.

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How to choose a tennis skirt

Consider the length, fabric, and style of a tennis dress and decide if you will wear it on the court or off.

Length: A tennis mini skirt is a skirt that falls just six inches above your knees. It has a low rise and a shorter length. A high-waist, tennis skirt can be opted for with more fabric and a higher waist, usually around the belly button.

Material: For comfort and flexibility, look for skirts made of elastic material. A tennis skirt that is breathable and sweat-resistant, such as nylon, stretch-jersey, or spandex, will be best suited for athletic use on the court. For everyday wear, tennis skirts made from cotton or khaki fabrics offer a structured look.

Style: A-line skirts are flattering, especially for wearing off the court. Tennis skorts have elastic shorts that are tight fitting and a flap at the front. This gives the skirt the appearance of a skirt. Pleated tennis skirts are made with folded panels of fabric that allow for mobility. Pleated mini skirts can be worn as both fashionable streetwear or athletic wear.

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Six Style Tips for a Tennis Skirt

These are some ideas for tennis skirt outfits:

  1. Sporty looks are best when you’re not on the court. For a fashionable tennis look, wear a white tennis skirt and a polo top.
  2. For a summer look, pair with a tank. Tennis skirts are a fashion staple for summer. You can combine them with crop tops or tank tops. You can play with contrast colors. A white skirt looks great with a patterned or colorful top.
  3. You can go for a more professional, preppy look. For a more preppy look, tuck a button-down shirt in a plaid tennis skirt, and add a sweater vest, cardigan or blazer to the shirt.
  4. A baggy sweatshirt is a good choice. A mini tennis skirt and a large sweatshirt or hoodie make for a casual, fun outfit.
  5. Wear it with a long-sleeved shirt. For a classic look, tuck a shirt with a longer sleeves into a tennis skirt.
  6. Wear a graphic tee with a hat. For a more edgy look, wear a black tennis skirt and a graphic tee with a black broad-brim hat.

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What is a Bomber Jacket?

Bomber jackets are a type or outerwear originally designed for pilots on military aircraft during World War II. Bomber jackets were created to be warm and functional, allowing for easy movement while maintaining insulation at high altitudes. Bomber jackets were first made from leather and fur lined.

Four ways to wear a bomber jacket

A classic bomber jacket can be worn with many different outfits. These are some ways you can wear a bomber jacket.

  1. Casual: The bomber jacket can be worn casually. A simple brown suede bomber jacket is great with jeans, casual shoes or sneakers. A hoodie can be added underneath to add warmth and style.
  2. Retro: Bomber jackets are retro because of their original purpose as clothing for wartime pilots. Bomber jackets from the past are made of sturdy, water-resistant leather or nylon and have soft, warm, wool-blend or wool sherpa collars. A retro bomber jacket can be worn over a knit sweater or collared shirt. These jackets look great with dark jeans or corduroy.
  3. Athletic: The varsity jacket, also known as the letterman jacket, is a popular version of the bomber jacket. It features letters and other insignia. This jacket is mid-century sportswear, or academic. The jacket can be worn with a blazer, chinos, and tennis shoes. A sporty bomber jacket with joggers is another option.
  4. Minimalist: Many bomber jackets are great for pairing with a minimalist style. For a classic look, wear a bomber jacket with a white T-shirt, slim-fit trousers, and slip-on sneakers. To make a statement, you can pair the jacket with khakis, solid turtlenecks and white sneakers.

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Three Tips to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Consider where and how you will wear your bomber jacket when buying a jacket.

  1. A jacket liner is a good option. Many of the most stylish bomber jackets have a removable liner that can be worn alone. They can be a brighter shade and often have some warmth protection. This adds value and versatility to one purchase.
  2. Coordinate colors. Good color coordination is important for bomber jacket styles. A black bomber jacket looks great with dark or light khakis and denim. A green bomber jacket is a great choice if you are looking for color but still want something classic. It will go well with blue jeans and boots made of leather.
  3. Take into account the weather. A bomber jacket is best for cold weather. While some nylon bomber jackets come with insulation and a knitted collar for warmth, leather bomber jackets are more resistant to cold and can be used as winter coats. To withstand moisture, some jackets are made of water-repellent fabrics. For warmer months, you can wear lightweight bombers made from cotton, linen or synthetic blends. The lines of lightweight bomber jackets are the same as those in more traditional bomber jackets but they are thinner and flexible, which allows for more outfit options.