Sasha Braus

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Sasha Braus was a young girl with reddish brown eyes and hair that reached the base of her neck. Her bangs were slightly parted on the right, falling down her cheeks and ending in the middle of her neck.

She wore the Scout Regiment standard uniform, with a light grey shirt underneath. She wore a basic long-sleeved blouse and a skirt that covered her boots when she wasn’t on mission. She wore a sleeveless vest on occasion. She was average in height and had a slim figure.

Sasha Braus grew taller in the year 854. Her hair was shorter and had longer bangs. This exposed more of her face. Marley saw her wear the black Scout Regiment uniform, which included support belts to enable her omnidirectional mobility gear and a brown bandolier that contained clips for ammunition.

Personality Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus was a fun-loving, friendly girl. She was originally from Dauper Village and had a distinctive accent. However, she actively concealed it to avoid embarrassment.

Sasha Braus was initially timid and prone making mistakes under stress. She was also very simple-minded and eccentric. However, her intuition was sharp and she was surprisingly courageous.

Sasha was known for her incredible appetite. She was willing to steal food from the kitchen or infantry stores, earning her the nickname “Potato Girl” (“Yu Nu Imon’na?). After stealing a potato, she was unable to explain to her superior why she had caught her.

Sasha Braus, before she entered the military, was very intolerant and narrow-minded. She was very attached to her village and only cared about her. Wall Maria brought in all their hunting gear and she became angry at them. She refused to alter their traditional ways for the greater good.

Story Sasha Braus

  • The Fall of Shiganshina Arc
  • Sasha has a heated argument with her father

Sasha Braus is in a heated argument with her father. He tells her to stay away from winter meat. He doesn’t stop her and, as she eats the meat, he explains to her why it’s important to keep the food. After the fall of Wall Maria many refugees have migrated to Wall Roses lands. This has led to a shortage of food because there are more people to feed. Particularly, refugees are now hunting in Dauper’s territory for food, which leaves less game for the village’s residents than usual.

Her father admitted to considering giving the forest to them to make fields. However, the hunter’s tribe begins taking care of horses while the hunter’s tribe takes care of the forests. Sasha Braus objected, saying that they shouldn’t stop living the way they do because of newcomers. Her father agrees with her, but he says it is better to care for the people than to live alone. He says that he wants his clan to live together, even if this means changing their lifestyle. In retaliation, Sasha enlists in Military.

Humanity’s Comeback

Keith Sadies, Sasha smiles haughtily at She steals a steaming potato from the kitchen to eat during her initiation on the first day. Keith, their head commander, questions her as he performs “Rite of Passage.” He asks them why they ate a potato during training. She says that it is normal for humans to eat potatoes. Grinning, she rips the smaller part of the potato off her body and gives it to Keith. He then forces her to choose between running around the grounds until she’s dead or skipping dinner. She chooses to do the latter.

Christa Lenz steals bread from the dining room to help Sasha after she has finished the exercise. Sasha then tries to steal it.

Sasha, like many of her fellow Cadets, begins to relax during training exercises. This will not help her graduate in the top 10. Jean Kirschtein and Eren Jaeger get into a heated argument about the Cadet Corps’s operations, which Keith notices. Mikasa Ackermann claimed that Eren started a fight because Sasha passed gas. She atones by giving Keith her bread loaf.