Medium Length Bridal Hair: Perfect Styles for Your Big Day

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Are you a bride-to-be wondering how to style your medium length hair for the big day? Look no further! Medium length hair offers incredible versatility, allowing for a variety of stunning bridal hairstyles. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, romantic look or something modern and chic, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best medium length bridal hair styles, tips for maintaining your look throughout the day, and answer some frequently asked questions. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect hairstyle that will make you shine on your wedding day!

Why Medium Length Hair is Ideal for Brides

Medium length hair strikes the perfect balance between manageability and styling options. It’s long enough to create intricate updos, yet short enough to remain easy to handle. This length allows for a plethora of styles, from elegant chignons to playful curls. Plus, medium length hair can be dressed up with accessories like tiaras, hairpins, and flowers, making it a versatile choice for any bride.

Benefits of Medium Length Hair

  • Versatility: Medium length hair can be styled in numerous ways, from sophisticated updos to loose waves.
  • Ease of Management: It’s easier to maintain than long hair and offers more styling options than short hair.
  • Healthier Ends: Medium length hair tends to have fewer split ends compared to longer hair, ensuring a healthier and shinier look.

Top Medium Length Bridal Hairstyles

Let’s explore some of the most popular and timeless hairstyles for medium length bridal hair. Each style is perfect for different wedding themes, so you can find the one that matches your vision.

Classic Chignon

The chignon is a classic bridal hairstyle that exudes elegance and sophistication. It involves gathering your hair at the nape of your neck and securing it into a neat bun. This style works well with a veil and can be adorned with delicate hairpins or flowers.

  • How to Achieve This Look:
    1. Start by creating a low ponytail.
    2. Twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base to form a bun.
    3. Secure with bobby pins and finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Romantic Loose Waves

Loose waves are perfect for brides who want a romantic and effortless look. This style adds volume and texture to medium length hair, giving it a soft and natural appearance.

  • How to Achieve This Look:
    1. Use a curling iron to create loose waves.
    2. Gently brush through the curls to soften them.
    3. Add a floral crown or jeweled headband for a touch of whimsy.

Boho Braids

Braids are a fantastic option for brides looking for a bohemian-inspired hairstyle. Whether you choose a fishtail braid, a Dutch braid, or a braided crown, this style adds a unique and playful element to your bridal look.

  • How to Achieve This Look:
    1. Choose the type of braid you want and section your hair accordingly.
    2. Braid the sections and secure the ends with clear elastics.
    3. Loosen the braids slightly for a more relaxed, boho vibe.

Half-Up, Half-Down

This versatile style combines the elegance of an updo with the simplicity of wearing your hair down. It’s perfect for showcasing your medium length hair while keeping it out of your face.

  • How to Achieve This Look:
    1. Section off the top half of your hair and secure it with a clip or hair tie.
    2. Curl the loose sections for added volume.
    3. Add a decorative barrette or ribbon to the secured section for a polished finish.

Sleek and Straight

For brides who prefer a minimalist look, sleek and straight hair can be incredibly chic. This style works well with modern, contemporary wedding themes and can be paired with bold accessories.

  • How to Achieve This Look:
    1. Straighten your hair using a flat iron.
    2. Apply a smoothing serum to eliminate frizz and add shine.
    3. Part your hair in the middle or on the side, depending on your preference.

Maintaining Your Bridal Hairstyle

Your wedding day is a long one, so it’s crucial to ensure your hairstyle stays put from the ceremony through to the reception. Here are some tips to keep your medium length bridal hair looking fabulous all day long.

Pre-Wedding Hair Prep

  • Deep Conditioning: Start a deep conditioning routine a few weeks before your wedding to ensure your hair is healthy and hydrated.
  • Trim: Get a trim to remove split ends and maintain your hair’s shape.
  • Trial Run: Schedule a trial run with your hairstylist to perfect your chosen look and make any necessary adjustments.

On the Big Day

  • Secure with Pins: Use plenty of bobby pins to secure your style, especially if you’re going for an updo.
  • Hairspray: Opt for a strong-hold hairspray to keep everything in place without making your hair feel stiff.
  • Emergency Kit: Keep an emergency kit with extra pins, a travel-sized hairspray, and a small comb for touch-ups throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some good accessories for medium length bridal hair?

Accessories can elevate your bridal hairstyle and add a personal touch. Consider using:

  • Tiaras and Crowns: Perfect for a princess-like look.
  • Hairpins and Combs: Add sparkle and hold to your style.
  • Flowers: Fresh or faux flowers can create a romantic and natural vibe.
  • Veils: Classic and timeless, veils can be paired with almost any hairstyle.

How do I choose the best hairstyle for my wedding?

When choosing a hairstyle, consider:

  • Wedding Theme: Match your hairstyle to the overall theme of your wedding.
  • Dress Style: Your hair should complement the neckline and design of your dress.
  • Personal Comfort: Choose a style that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Can I style my medium length hair myself on my wedding day?

While it’s possible to style your hair yourself, hiring a professional hairstylist can ensure a polished and long-lasting look. If you prefer to do it yourself, practice several times before the big day to perfect your technique.

How can I add volume to my medium length hair?

To add volume:

  • Blow-Dry: Use a round brush while blow-drying your hair to lift the roots.
  • Curling: Create loose waves or curls to give your hair more body.
  • Teasing: Tease the roots gently to create a fuller look.

Is it necessary to wash my hair on the wedding day?

It’s generally recommended to wash your hair the day before the wedding rather than on the day itself. Freshly washed hair can be slippery and harder to style, while day-old hair tends to hold styles better.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day can feel overwhelming, but with medium length hair, your options are vast and varied. From elegant chignons to romantic loose waves, there’s a style to suit every bride. Remember to prepare your hair in the weeks leading up to your wedding, and consider doing a trial run to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day. Whether you opt for a sleek and straight look or a boho braid, your medium length bridal hair is sure to make a stunning statement.

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With this guide, you’re well on your way to finding and perfecting the ideal medium length bridal hairstyle. Here’s to looking absolutely fabulous on your special day!