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These are the Top 3 Ways To Break Down What to Wear

Chances are, someone in your life is getting married. They want you to be there on their big day. You need to prepare for the dance floor before you can start preparing your moves. It’s time to determine the appropriate attire for men at their wedding. Here’s where we step in. Here are our top tips on what to wear to weddings. We have you covered, regardless of the dress code, location or time of year.

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The 4 Major Wedding Dress Codes For Men

Let’s begin with the basics: dress code. This will be your best guideline when it comes to choosing what dress to wear to a wedding. Don’t be intimidated by the “dress code”. To understand wedding attires for men, you don’t need to know a complicated cipher. Your invitation is the first place you should look to find your dress code. The invitation also contains important clues like the venue, time of year, season, and location. If the invitation does not specify the attire of the guests, contact the happy couple or their coordinator. They will appreciate your taking the time to prioritise their preferences, provided you do it in a timely fashion. We’ve got all the details covered. Here’s a look at the most popular types of men’s wedding apparel.

Formal wedding attire for men

Men’s formal wedding attire, as the name implies, is strictly formal. The couple wants their men to look professional and stylish without needing to wear a full-on tuxedo. We recommend dark-toned suits, such as charcoal, midnight blue, and black, for this dress code. These colors are easy to make your look more sophisticated. A collared, pressed dress shirt is next. You should check for any puckering or excess bagging around the torso to find the right-fitting shirt. You can always go with white, as well as pale shades of blue, blush, and tan. You need to strike the right balance between celebratory, subtle and not distract from the main event.

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Semi-formal wedding attire for men

Next up in our wedding wear line-up: semi-formal attire for men. Separates are a better alternative to a full-length suit. Although this look is not as formal as formal wear, it’s more casual than your business casual attire. You can mix a navy blazer and beige trousers, or a clay-red trouser and a charcoal coat. This dress code allows you to explore the many patterns and prints available. For example, a well-tailored jacket in a neutral windowpane pattern is a good choice.

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Men’s Cocktail Wear for Weddings

You’re not the only one who has been confused about men’s cocktail attire. For cocktail attire, the best guideline is to search for wedding dresses for men that are both formal and casual. This dress code is more fashion-forward than semi-formal if you are looking for a fashion-forward approach. These style rules are a hot topic in the wedding attire debate. We recommend that you check with your wedding party to clarify this information if it appears on any of the invitations.

Casual Wedding Dresses for Men

Let’s clarify what casual means for men. Casual means your style is more casual than the other types. This dress code is usually applicable to daytime weddings, or for more casual venues such as a backyard. Except where noted, you should expect to dress up at least a bit for respecting the occasion.