Bareeze Luxury Embroidered Dresses Collection

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Bareeze, Pakistan’s leading fashion brand, has been creating luxurious fabrics for over a decade. The parent company Sefam Private Limited owns it. You will also find 12 other fashion brands under Sefam that have gained reputation both in the country and internationally. All members of the Sefam fashion group include Kayseria Man, Leisure Club, Leisure Club, Home Expressions By Bareeze, Rungja and Urban Culture. Today, we will be sharing the Latest Bareeze Luxury Winter Embellished Dresses with you!

Bareeze fabrics can be found in all major cities in Pakistan. They are also available for international exports to the Middle East and South Asia, as well as Europe. The style house designs formal wear as well as semi-formal occasions with highly embroidered motifs as well as threadwork throughout the year.

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Their inspiration comes from their deep knowledge of Indo-Pakistani cultures and design. The Bareeze owners were the ones who invent this concept. Fast fashion has become a staple collection for many fashion brands. They believed that women would rather buy unstitched fabric straight from the racks than wait for an artisan or tailor to create a custom design.

Bareeze provides a complete formal suit that features an embroidered neckline and fully included front and back embroidery shirt. The sleeves and daman are heavily embellished. It is best used for weddings and formal functions before or after the main reception. This is a great option for women looking for traditional designs that are rooted in ethnic traditions and design.

Bareeze Luxury Embroidered dresses 2022 Shawls Designs

Bareeze’s luxury collection 2022 features a lot of embroidered silk threadwork. This includes gold threadwork on velvet, as well as pashmina fabric. These embroideries are enhanced and made more eye-catching by the use of modern shades. They are perfectly stitched and have no flaws or defects because they are made using the most advanced textile machines in their factory studio. These fabrics are perfect and avoid human error that is common with hand-made fabrics.

They are timeless and elegant, making them the perfect winter wedding outfit. Women often have to stop wearing fashion in winter because it’s so cold. The Bareeze winter embroidered dresses will make it easier to dress for any outdoor event, or occasion without worrying about being too cold.

Its roots are deeply rooted in Pakistani fashion and the fashion sensibilities of Pakistani women who wear unstitched shalwar kameez. Winter is a great time to wear velvet and pashmina Shawls. These shawls can be made into a three-piece suit, or worn as is with a plain colored shirt and trousers. You can make the suit from chiffon, organza or cotton. However, the most important thing is the embroidered winter scarf.

Bareeze offers standard discounts during the summer, winter, and mid-season. Some products are available for sale all year. Although these winter shawls can be quite expensive, there may be a sale on them. This makes them an excellent purchase that will not go out of style. These simple shawls can be passed down to the next generation as a treasured family heirloom.